About Us

Our Founder

A new moving company on the scene, Greg Sloan started No Worries Professional Moving & Storage in May of 2020. While this moving company is new, this is by no means a new mover. Greg Sloan, an entrepreneur at heart with a driven mindset, was a My Guys Moving franchise owner all the way since 2010. He took the lessons he learned during that time and decided he could do it even better. That’s when Greg took a shot and went off on his own.

Not only has Greg been in the moving business for 10 years, but he has 16 years of third-party logistics experience under his belt. He began overseeing logistics solutions all the way back in January of 2005. They have even become the logistics provider for a company with a revenue of $4 billion.

In this time, Greg has not just helped businesses but helped people as well. With years of volunteer experience with Refuge for Hope and Warm Streets, Greg hopes to bring that dedication to help others to this moving venture in Des Moines.


Our Mission

No Worries was established with a singular goal in mind: Help people move.

That may seem simple, but there’s actually a lot that goes into it. In order to truly help people through the moving process, you have to provide top-quality customer care while being there every step of the way.

Greg noticed that there were moving companies that just didn’t care. One’s that focused more on how quickly they could get the job done while ignoring the quality of the move; one’s that stop giving you high-quality customer service as soon as you agree to give them money. Greg and the rest of his crew are building a moving company that breaks this cycle. Building one that cares. Building one that will handle your move right.