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Local Movers

Here at No Worries Professional Moving & Storage we are dedicated to providing top-quality local moves to the entire greater Des Moines area. We offer moving, storage, and packing solutions to make your local move a breeze. By moving with No Worries you are trusting a company with expertise and care. You don’t want to move with someone unless you know your belongings are in safe hands. With No Worries, you’re guaranteed to have a stress-free moving day.

Quick Read

For your Des Moines local move, we offer services built to make your move run smoothly. We offer:
● Full and Partial Packing and Unpacking
● Secure Warehouse Storage
● A Specialty in Senior Moving
● Disassembly and Reassembly of Larger Items

So, why choose us over other “moving companies near me”?
● Dedication to high-quality customer care
● Free estimates
● Flat rates with no surprises

For more information or to ask any questions, call us at (434) 847-1152. To start your move, get your free estimate with this online form.


Local Moving Services in Des Moines

When moving in the Greater Des Moines area, trust a full-service mover to get you there. We don’t want you to find yourself looking for another company to handle one aspect of your move, just because the moving company you hired wasn’t built for it. That’s why we are dedicated to providing every service you need for your move.

The services we offer to make your local move great include:

  • Professional-quality packing service tailored to your needs; whether you need full or partial packing and unpacking solutions.
  • Safe and secure, climate-controlled warehouse storage options.
  • A staff trained for any move, including moves for older adults and seniors.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of larger, more cumbersome items.

Every move is unique. That’s why all of our services are built to be tailored to your move, streamlining the entire moving process. Make your moving experience worry-free with No Worries, the truly full-service mover.

Des Moines Local Moving Process

  1. The first step of the local moving process is getting your estimate. The most straightforward way of getting an estimate is to schedule a time for a member of our crew to take a walkthrough of your home and give you a written estimate. Another option is to get a virtual estimate. This is a similar process to the in-person estimate, but done over video chat from your phone or tablet. This option is available whether you’re looking for social distancing or just convenience.
  2. Once you get your estimate you will be assigned a moving specialist who will walk you through the moving process. They will go over the details of the move with you and create a custom moving plan as well as answer any questions you may have.
  3. If you have decided to use our packing services, whether you’re looking for us to pack everything or just a few, more delicate items, we will be there 1-2 days before your moving day. If there is any reason you want us to pack your items at a different time, just let your moving representative know as soon as possible so we can work around your schedule.
  4. On the day of the move, our crew will be there right on time to deliver you an efficient move. Keep in mind, you’ll need someone to be at the delivery site to receive your items and confirm that they are all there and unharmed.

Get Your Free Estimate From No Worries

No Worries was founded on the basis that moving shouldn’t be a struggle. Moving should be simple. You shouldn’t have to worry because you’re not sure if your moving company can handle your move. You shouldn’t have to worry because your movers take so long to respond. You should be worry-free with No Worries, where we’re built to handle every move and are dedicated to quality and consistent customer service.

If you’re looking to get in touch with us, call us at (888) 697-2560. We will happily answer any questions you have. To start your move with us, fill out our free estimate form.

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